Oblique view of Opportunity on New Years Eve 2010

For much of the season, the Los Angeles Rams and New Orleans Saints hovered above the rest of the NFC while the Kansas City Chiefs and New England Patriots did the same in the AFC. The favorites for making conference championships were clear and overwhelming. Those four teams still hold the four first round byes, but all of them, to varying degrees, have seen vulnerabilities exposed in the past month..

Consider how out of place Burrow’s senior season looks in Baton Rouge. Before this year, no LSU quarterback had thrown more than 28 touchdowns in a single season. Burrow surpassed that total in seven games. As Gruden described, Cousins can be seen reading the deep safety in the middle of the field after he initially pump faked to Reed to sell the hitch fake. The safety is cheating toward Reed’s side of the field and has his hips open to the sideline, meaning he’s in position to try to get over the top of Reed should the ball go to that side. A perfect throw could potentially have beaten the safety, but Cousins opted to move back to the front side..

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