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Sporting Kansas City, Atlanta United, Orlando City and Inter Miami were the MLS teams that let players in for vigorously controlled voluntary workouts on the first day they were permitted by the league. Nashville, Real Salt Lake, LAFC, Houston and Portland are among the league 26 teams that plan to start on Thursday, with more lined up next week. A league wide moratorium on group and team training remains in effect through to May 15 and it unclear when the MLS season might resume.

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They tell you nothing in advance, so I had about four weeks to learn anything and everything. Presidents, opera, national parks, poetry, rivers it was a pretty long list. I made the decision to focus on literature, my most glaring weakness. During breaks, he dictated some material to see how fast I was writing. He concluded that I was writing at about 125 wpm and gave me much advice about improving my speed. Mark was also kind enough to improve the performance of my machine, thereby improving my technique.

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