The one difference in Washington’s case

Got to watch some of the best pitchers in Gerrit Cole and (Max) Scherzer and all those guys, watch how they attacked and how they went about their business on the mound, Walker said. Was able to learn a lot from them. Jays didn acquire Walker to be MVP calibre, like the two pitchers he referenced.

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That’s all that matters. We keep winning. We’re 3 0, keep stacking wins, keep finding ways to get ourselves better. «We’ve got a lot of young guys, guys we brought over that just want to win football games, want to make their plays and make the most of their opportunities,» Carr said. «So the next man up mentality is: Those mainstay guys, franchise guys, are gone. But there are some other guys waiting in the wings that are hungry as well, ready to go out there and make their name as well.».

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