The Giants did just that, with Eli Manning moving to

Pandemic Development: Elliott was among highest profile players known to have had COVID 19. Two time rushing champ recovered before camp, hasn’t missed time. Offense has easier transition to new staff because McCarthy kept play caller Kellen Moore. If we did, I’m pretty sure we’d get it corrected. But it ain’t nothing we can do, man. We play hard.

Here’s how to add intrigue to what might not have been the sexiest game on the schedule: Swivel from a two time Super Bowl winner to a rookie at quarterback in an attempt to save your season and transition to the future. The Giants did just that, with Eli Manning moving to the bench and Daniel Jones getting the start in Tampa. Manning put the best spin on it he could, saying, «I’m not dying, and the season’s not over.» No, but it would be close to being over with another loss.

«Officiating is never perfect,» the league said in a written statement released Monday. The current officials have made great strides and are performing admirably under unprecedented scrutiny and great pressure. As we do every season, we will work to improve officiating and are confident that the game officials will show continued improvement.».

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So, there is no question that Lombardi was right in questioning Pederson’s unbelievably limited credentials. Pederson was hired because Lurie wanted another Reid after the entire Chip Kelly debacle, so he got Andy Reid Lite (figuratively and literally). The problem is, Pederson has all of Reid’s faults and none of his actual NFL coaching experience.

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