And, you know, you have to listen to him, also

«My favorite part so far is definitely the ‘no school’ aspect. I can go an entire day, from six in the morning to six at night as long as it’s football, lifting, working out, running on the field, you know, learning, watching film. What I can’t do from six to six is have to study there in the middle, you know, just class.

That always frustrating to me because there not really much debate among Native people that the word itself is a slur, and I have never seen it used to refer to a contemporary Native person in a positive way. There no case that I know of where the team has talked about the opposition to the name and referred to us as R words and said are really pushing to change the name or are groups of who are fighting the mascot. There an inherent knowing that it is an inappropriate term to refer to Indigenous people.

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