At the end of the day, you’ve got to score one more

Hurley and others said they believed Haskins was a bigger, better second coming of Griffin. They praised a quarterback «who could take hits» and keep his eyes downfield. A few fans admitted they mostly liked the pick because Haskins cost no extra draft picks, like the three first rounders and the second rounder the team parted with in 2012 to move up and nab Griffin second overall.

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The Seahawks seemed to have the game won several times. They led, 17 3, in the fourth quarter. They got an interception by safety Kam Chancellor, on a pass that Manning forced into heavy traffic, that seemed to all but seal the outcome with a little more than two minutes remaining in the fourth quarter.

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«Trump has made [standing for the anthem] about patriotism,» Ross said, on a day when three Miami players stayed in the tunnel rather than stand on the sideline during the anthem. «It’s so important, if that’s what the country is looking at, to look at it differently. It’s a different dialogue.

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