If the employee is not in the office anyway

RECEIVERS. Except for Connell’s bad route and one dropped pass, this unit was outstanding. Nine receivers caught at least one pass, and at least a half dozen were tough catches. «I’m looking forward to this opportunity,» Holliman shared. «There are a lot of guys that have been where I’m trying to go. It’s like two or three first round draft picks on the team.

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What can I do?Howard Levitt: Why using COVID 19 as an excuse to fire certain employees could be deemed illegalQ: What do you think will be the biggest disruption or new precedents set in employment law as a result of the pandemic?A: There are two major changes.The first disruptor is the new found desire of Canadians to work from home. A recent poll by John Wrights Dart Research found that 84 per cent of employees, now working from home, wish to continue doing so at least some of the time, and 46 per cent for a significant portion of the time.Once employers become comfortable with employees working from home and interacting exclusively through Zoom meetings, written communications and telephone calls, they will realize that it is irrelevant where that employee actually resides.If the employee is not in the office anyway, what difference does it make if they are even in Canada. If it does not matter if they live in Canada, then why not hire a skilled employee in India, Bangladesh or anywhere else, at a fraction of what they are paying their Canadian equivalent.Put crassly, why not pay $3 a day rather than $300, particularly in a world where you are competing with companies in those countries.

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